SEO Company in New York


SpanDigit Social is the company providing SEO services in New York. It is one of the leading SEO agency in New York, and we are always updated with latest SEO techniques as per the Google algorithm. It helps business in ranking in SERP i.e. search engine result page in Google. With continuous changes in digital revolutions, the online presence for every business has become mandatory to have. So, SEO is helpful and it is basically a process of getting organic search traffic to a website by optimizing content and Technical SEO. Nowadays, every niche has extreme competitions and every business wants to outrank using SEO Services.

SEO is an advanced procedure that can be done with optimizations. It assists your business in getting organic search traffic with content marketing, on page, and off page activities. Backed by our SEO team, we are well- versed in bringing traffic to our website. And it’s all about having a goal that can be achieved in short time so on a daily basis, and SEO is all about working on a website daily. To know what we can change and how better we can perform our work, as per our parameters.

Why SEO is important for business?

Well there end number of benefits why SEO is important. SEO is all about working constantly to improve and by doing best practices with being updated with latest version. And SEO is made up of many elements, which are important to understand. In short, SEO is crucial as it makes your website mores visible on Google. You can gain more traffic organically and we can convert a user to customer to generate revenue for business. Ultimately, SEO is all about working on a daily basis by making changes as per user interest in products and service. We provide SEO services in New York to keep your website on top of search page.

Services which we provides in SEO includes.

1. Keyword Research:

Keyword Research is what we all start with, initially when we are about to begin SEO. We have to do keyword research and find some relevant keywords for business. We try to get an idea of how and what the user is searching. After doing intensive research, we get our keyword list done.

2. Strategy link building:

Link building is to have backlink from good DA PA sites. So, we just have to leave a link of our sites to other good sites by which we can get a do-follow link from other several sites. Off-page is all about link building, and there are several ways to have links for a website.

3. On-Page SEO:

In case of on-page SEO, we need to write Title, Meta description, internal link building, alt text and etc. Once we get keywords, we work on your on-page activity. On-page factors occurs on a page by page that we work on.

4. Technical SEO:

The Technical SEO covers the site’s technicality. We are engaged in repairs and maintenance to make your website SEO-friendly. Our technical experts work with developers together to identify errors in site and prevent it from virus and spams that directly affect ranking. Technical SEO helps to crawl and index site’s page more effectively to understand what the content of that page all about to get organic is ranking.

5. Content Writing:

Content is what that attracts user. Our content writers write content as per the SEO guidelines. It makes content more friendly and easy to understand to the reader. Content for pages should include the main keyword that helps us to rank in top of the search result. A successful search engine optimization needs a solid content development strategy.

6. E-Commerce SEO:

SpanDigit Social helps in elevating your ecommerce site by implementing SEO. With our ecommerce site expert, we optimize product listing and help brands to rank in competition.