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SpanDigit social is a SEO company that provides SEO services in Houston. SEO is the process of optimizing website for organic results, it lets you reach and get website traffic. We at SpanDigit based in (Nashik) India are now providing digital marketing solutions across the globe. We have worked with more than 100 satisfied Indian clients by providing SEO services. What’s more, we have also served the clients in the USA.

Search engine optimization involves different techniques, and we adopt an in-depth strategy to rank our website on top of the search results on Google. The better we optimize our website the better position we will get in SERP. SEO is an ongoing process and we work on a daily basis to do better in optimization to keep your website on top of search results.

Why you should choose us for SEO?

We specialize in digital marketing domain and SEO, as we are one of the oldest companies operating since 2004. Initially, the company dealt with only marketing and advertisements. Later, when the scope of internet marketing had increased and technology even had undergone innovation, we have chosen more effective approach. We have upgraded our company to market the products and services on the digital world. Our professional SEO team is the reason why we can be good option to outsource your SEO project with SpanDigit Social.

Services which we provides in SEO includes.

1. Keyword Research:

Before targeting our goal, we find the best keywords for website ranking. That is why keyword research is so important before proceeding further. And hence choosing effective keyword can help to attain faster ROI for your SEO Campaign. We do keyword research as a part of our comprehensive strategy, and it lets us find the best result when it comes to ranking the websites.

2. Strategy link building:

As part of our strategy at SpanDigit social, we believe in link building to increase the authority of our websites. This helps us gain more trust for the websites we work on. To create a reliable site, we build links on another site to get backlinks to our sites that are supposed to be do-follow sites only, hence strategy for link building are mainly comes under off-page activities.

3. On-Page SEO:

The On-page is most common aspects of SEO, and it is also the most common game changer techniques done for websites. On-Page SEO is also an on-going process, as we have to make changes time to time to keep our site upgraded with on-page strategy. When the algorithms of Google roll out, we time to time change some of the strategies for on-page SEO to stay on top of search result.

4. Technical SEO:

The technical SEO is to focus on the implementation factors that help website, such as crawling and indexing the website. In technical SEO we fix many issue after identifying error like broken link and content structure in site with paid tool which help us to keep the health of website good with spam and malware. Therefore inspecting the website’s technical SEO is essential to rank in search results.

5. Content Writing:

The quality of content and its SEO-friendliness directly reflects your website ranking on Google. Our content writing team at SpanDigit Social researches relevant information to develop content for websites. Although the right content in a site can convert users into customer, we modify our content strategy based on current trends and user intent.

6. E-Commerce SEO:

The SpanDigit social is an e-commerce SEO agency in Houston and we have delivered many projects for clients, thereby making their businesses grow. Getting customers for their products and services is our ultimate goal. To start an e-commerce business, you need to build an online store for customers. Running an SEO campaign for the store will boost sales and generate revenue. So, e-commerce SEO is beneficial to adopt for businesses that have digital stores.