SEO in Chicago

SEO Agency in Chicago

SpanDigit social agency is a full service digital marketing and SEO agency in Chicago. Our advanced SEO experts are versed in technical optimization, content marketing, backlink acquisition and local SEO. Our website developers optimize your websites as per SEO factors. In today’s ecosystem SEO is vital to a website’s success. It let you increase sales and profits for your website. As per a survey, 61% of digital marketers believe that SEO is a high inbound marketing activity for websites.

We are the best SEO Company in Chicago and when it comes to achieving website ranking at top of search results, our SEO Agency ensures your website to optimize to high rank in Google. We are committed to drive your website to the first position. We are the right choice for doing your website’s SEO in Chicago in an effective manner.

Why SEO is important for your business?

SEO is incredibly beneficial for businesses in recent years. According to US marketing research firms, Google holds 94% of organic search traffic and in that 80% of users search for information about products and services. Thus, SEO is a game changer to boost your business with an innovative strategy. Organic traffic comes through an inbound marketing campaign, and it provides solution as per user intent. We can convert visitors into customers with considerable effort.

What we have included in our SEO services

1. Keyword Research:

The keyword research relevancy is important to ranking and drawing qualified traffic and sales. Hence, first we determine user’s search intent then we align keyword selection. Our SEO professionals help you develop a successful content marketing strategy and add keyword properly.

2. Strategy link building:

The link building is known as SEO blacklining, and as the time changes, there are some modifications in link building strategies for websites. SpanDigit Social believes in Google-approved links only. Good link building is difficult to find and achieve, but doing some guest posting or blogging it can help to add strength to your website. Earning internal and external links takes time and we are also capable of avoiding up blacklisted link.

3. On-Page SEO:

In On-Page SEO, efforts are made to ensure website’s content is correct with all suitable tags. So, it can be easily seen to get a position in search results. On-page is a one-time process, so it takes time to create a strategy. However, we always keep ourselves updated with algorithms. Our on-page strategy is created for the custom SEO campaigns. Snippet placements also help you reach the top of the page.

4. Technical SEO:

The technical SEO needs to make technical foundation for websites. Our SEO professionals use tools, including SEO Quake, Ahref and many more. We also identify error such as virus and spams in website. Page speed matters most because users should find your website mobile-friendly while browsing on our website. Technical SEO should ensure that there are no broken pages. We also optimize titles and Meta tags for each and every page in the website.

5. Content Writing:

The content in the website has to be friendly for the users and to persuade them to take action. It also assures that Google search engine will drive more traffic to your website. And we apply so much creativity in the content to simplify it for your users. We deal with the URL structure, spamming content, keyword stuffing and many more. That is why when users click on your site, they can access everything and easily understand what the website is all about.

6. E-Commerce SEO:

Building an e-commerce site to sell products. Hence, the scope of using SEO for e-commerce sites is imperatively important. Online store development trends are noticeable in the past few years. Users like to purchase products online. With SEO, there will be high volume of traffic to your online store. We have gained much experience while working with e-commerce sites.