Search Marketing - Ways To Expand Your Reach

Search marketing is also known in marketing as search engine marketing, SEM is a type of online marketing strategy that promotes our websites by increasing their ranking and visibility on search engines. The search engine is one of the most flexible and unique ways of marketing and it helps us to reach our target audience with minimal effort. And Search marketing is a marketing service that is availed to generate traffic and it also increases your visibility for business by reaching your potential customers through the paid or unpaid method.


1. Keyword Research


In keyword research, it is very important for you to understand what your customer will search for, so it is very necessary to make and fit your keywords as per your customer's requirement after analyzing it so we can mainly use three-match phrases in keyword research that is an exact match, phrase match and broad match. For example, if you set the keyword as “Nutritionist” and the user searches as Nutrition and even if your keyword gets scattered your ad will still be shown to your internet user so these three match keyword is specified in a keyword for the right fit. And then it only displays your ads in a pay-per-click campaign when any user searches for the same keywords that you used in your ads.


2. Quality Score


For getting a good reach you should make sure that your quality score is very important and it is a benchmark that is used by Ad platforms like Google, Yahoo, Baidu Excite, and Bing that influence an ad’s rank and its cost-per-click. So high-quality score makes sure that the ad is shown above the other ads with a lower-quality score, provided that both have the same bid amount. So ultimately when your quality score is high in Ads, then your CPC will be lower only which helps us in quality score. Higher QS helps marketers earn better and more clicks for lower marketing spending. And Quality score is basically divided into three factors and we should make sure it has to be perfect as all of our quality scores are based on these three main factors.

A. Click Through Rate

Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of clicks to impressions on a mobile advertising campaign. CTRs are generally calculated by taking the number of clicks on a mobile advertising campaign, dividing it by overall impressions, and then expressing the resultant figure in percentage terms.

B. Ad Relevance

Ad relevance, or keyword relevance, refers explicitly to how closely your keywords relate to your ads. The final step in your relevance plan is to make sure that your Google Ads take potential customers to a relevant landing page. Wringing a high return on investment from Google Ads advertising is a matter of relevance, relevant ads, relevant ad groups, and relevant landing pages.

C. Landing Page

The landing page is the webpage where your users will end up and visit your website after they click your ad. The URL of this page will be the same as your ad's final URL. For each ad, you specify a final URL to determine the landing page where people are taken when they click your ad.


3. Ad Copy


Well, when you create Ad copy it is easy to overlook ad copy when building new creatives. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the design process that we disregard the message itself. So what is the ad copy? Well, design is also very important, copy drives visitors to your site. Whether it's the headline or the call to action, your ad copy needs to be compelling, concise, and clear. So here are some of the points we need to consider while creating Ad copy

  • Meaningful Headlines
  • Use Relevant Keywords
  • Always Add Value
  • Call to Action
  • A/B Test your Ad copy 


4. Remarketing Strategy


So it involves monitoring and tracking internet users who visit your website and, afterward and making sure that sending them ads that are relevant to the web pages they have visited or similar to their search history. Remarketing strategy is one of the proven ways to increase our conversions through PPC campaigns. This strategy helps you to get your product and service advertised to your potential customers in the form of a recommendation. Retargeting strategy in PPC campaigns is very much effective when any user has previously visited your website. With Java, we can create a common form of retargeting in which a cookie is placed on the internet user's computer.


5. Special and Enticing Offers


So this is another way to increase conversion and reach in your PPC campaign to introduce special offers such as discounts and freebies. You can create the offer available only for those leads that make a buy or follow through with the link and carry out the required actions. While you introducing any special offers, you should ensure that your customers must get value for their money. So that even when you’re given an offer is over, they will continue their power. Also, your PPC campaign should indeed have a special offer, so do not use the offer as bait for internet users, and when they click on the ad, they did not get the offer.


6. Negative Keywords and Local Keywords


Increasing reach in your PPC campaign through keywords is an essential part of a PPC Campaign, so you should use negative keywords or local keywords. When you notice some segments of your keywords are displaying ads that do not relate to your search term, you should remove that kind of keyword and divert it to your paid search campaign budget. Identifying Negative keywords in PPC campaigns is to analyze the keywords that are not produced but notice certain segments of ads that they shouldn’t be adding those keywords to your negative list will allow the budget to last longer, lower overall cost per conversion, and ultimately increase conversions.


7. Conversion Rate 


When it comes to conversion rate please keep in mind that you take the necessary steps to increase reach through PPC. If you want to know where you stand, then you need to measure your PPC conversion rate. This would be the first and foremost that give you a clear picture of the results of your actions. The results. It will also help you figure out which of your campaigns are yielding a return on investment and the ones that are not performing. The reason for checking and inspecting your current conversion rate in the PPC campaign is just to make sure that identify the areas to improve on and the campaigns to stop. When your conversion rate increases, ultimately your reach also starts increasing.



Hope you will find this blog helpful these 7 ways to increase your reach through the PPC campaign, and seven of them that have proven to yield proven results are highlighted above. Also, it helps to get a good results for search marketing and we can have some of the sophisticated tools and help of many paid website features to speed up the PPC campaign and optimize it so that it increases the conversion rate and reach.