Ready for the New Instagram “Story Draft” Feature? It’s Coming Soon


Most of today’s generation is found hanging on Instagram. It has become the favorite of all social media apps. Instagram is for all – right from a college guy to an entrepreneur. You will find all types of information on this app.

Many might also be using it as a source of entertainment by going through the Reels. Some might be looking for business opportunities while some might be interested in learning some skills. Some might love reading quotes while some might be looking for shopping options.

Instagram Stories are the most engaging or attention-grabbing features for all. When you open your Instagram app, the first thing that you check is the stories uploaded by your friends or favorite pages.

Have you ever needed to upload a story twice? What if you get the save draft feature for the stories too?

Surprised! But it’s true that Instagram Stories will soon have a new option to save your unfinished stories or drafts. With the save feature, users will be able to complete their stories later if they want to. If you check the below screenshot, you will see that Instagram is working on a new pop-up that will enable users to either save their stories as drafts or discard them and start with a new story.

This feature is the same as the drafts on Twitter. The announcement of this new feature was made via its official Twitter handle. But they haven’t revealed the exact release date yet.

The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, just announced that the new feature is “coming soon.” He also added that this feature has been requested by many Instagram users. The other details are yet to come. As per Instagram, this feature is being worked on but the screenshots of its working have been leaked online.


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The screenshots were leaked by tipster Alessandro Paluzzi. As per the screenshots, when you leave an unfinished story, a pop-up will appear asking you to discard the stories and start with a new story or save Stories as drafts. If you discard a story, Instagram will ask for your confirmation saying ‘All your previous edits will be erased and you won’t be able to recover them’.

If you select the ‘Save Draft’ option, the story edits will be saved in Instagram’s drafts section. It won’t be published and you will be able to access it later to make the edits. It will also include a ‘Cancel’ option that will remove the options and take the user back to story creation. If the user accidentally presses the back button while editing a story, the story will still be saved as a draft. Users will get relief with this feature as the content won’t be deleted saving their time and effort to re-upload everything.

Whether there will be any limit to saving drafts is still unknown.

Thus, the Instagram Story Draft feature would be saving all your time and effort by keeping your story content drafted. We just need to wait and watch till its release. Until then, upload your stories carefully.