LinkedIn Company Page: Ways to Increase Impressions, Engagement and Post Clicks

LinkedIn is always the best social platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with people of their niche. If you know how to make the maximum use of it, it can help to make a profile strong and supportive for your business. The actual problem is that people aren’t growing their profiles and just wasting the opportunities.

You need to spend hours on LinkedIn daily to get positive results. Using it carefully helps in differentiating between general potential leads and securing business or just showcasing your business without anything to offer.

LinkedIn is considered a gold mine for engagement.

Either you might have been convinced by Gary Vee or heard from people saying how is LinkedIn their best source for searching B2B clients.

LinkedIn isn’t used as popularly as TikTok but similar to it, posts on LinkedIn can get viral too. How? You will need to viral with all types of users on LinkedIn as you do on Facebook and Instagram.

LinkedIn is a platform where people are there to discuss business hence, it is a gold mine.

Let’s check the ways to increase impressions, engagement, and post clicks on LinkedIn’s company page.

1. Use Previously Published Content for LinkedIn Posts

First, understand that you don’t need to create LinkedIn content. If your content is ready for example, your blog posts then you can post it on LinkedIn. You only need to create it in LinkedIn format. You might be having tips and benefits on your blog, podcasts, courses, lead magnets, infographics, and information that can be posted as text-only posts. Resources can be added in the comments and ask your audience to check the comments if they want to learn more about your brand or product.

Below are the tips for posting content on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to use more characters as compared to Facebook. So, ensure that your post has fewer words so that it can be read clearly.

If you aren’t sure about the number of characters you can use in the post, just post one tip at a time.

Breaking content is the best strategy for LinkedIn as well as other social media platforms. When you use a new platform for posting content, there is no need of creating brand-new content. Just ensure that your content is appropriate to the platform you are posting on.

It means, posting the long content that you posted on LinkedIn won’t be suitable for your Instagram story. The content should be short as people check stories at a glance. The Instagram story content can contain a team member explaining the content in short with a head selfie video or graphic that explains the post creatively rather than just text.

You can break the content of a blog and then post it as:

  • A LinkedIn post
  • An Instagram feed post
  • An Instagram IGTV
  • An Instagram story
  • An Instagram Live
  • An Instagram Reel
  • A TikTok
  • A podcast episode
  • A Twitter thread
  • A YouTube video
  • A Facebook post
  • A Facebook Live

This list can keep on going. The Fleets or YouTube stories are yet to be added.

So, post your already published content for creating several posts on LinkedIn. You can make your posts engaging by offering free downloads of your documents.

2. Create Documents that can be Downloaded

You need to act as a parent for your leads. Your email won’t be acting as a magnet to attract your users to get the resource. You will need to provide the resources. This isn’t as per your marketing mind but you need to accept the fact.

When you provide content for free to the audience, it helps them know your value towards them. If you keep on providing the best stuff for free, people will be eager to know what would you offer them if they paid for the content.

Google Docs don’t require any graphic experts. You only need to copy and paste the content from a valuable blog post or other resource and add relevant links to the resource along with a call-to-action in the document. Make the title easier and relative to what’s inside the document and that’s all!

Keep your documents simple and be clear about what you want to say. Ensure that they are based on delivering value rather than wasting the time of the graphics team.

Do follow the below tips when you send the Google Docs:

  • Make sure you give the viewer access.
  • Avoid any spelling or grammar mistakes in the document.
  • When the content is ready to post, make your document ready and upload it to “Google Drive”. LinkedIn will prompt you to select the document format, then select your Google doc from Google Drive to upload as a PDF. Give an appropriate title to your PDF on LinkedIn, give a caption, and post. Ensure to add resource links in comments for more information and direct your audience to those comments.

Keep these documents saved so that your content marketing team can use them again. You can turn these documents into a LinkedIn text post, a podcast episode, a blog article, an Instagram carousel, etc.

With these documents, you can show your audience how much you are ready to give for free. Though it feels too much, you need to do it. People will be ready to pay you for more if you are offering them the best stuff and it is benefiting them. This is because your audience will crave more stuff like this.

So, don’t force your audience to give their information to later force them for conversion. Your audience will automatically get converted if you provide value to them with your content.

3. Start Using Your Employee-Generated Content

If your LinkedIn content is splintered from other posts, for gaining more engagement you will need to take the help of your team. Start utilizing your employee-generated content now.

This type of content gets more impressions, reach, likes, follows, and conversions as compared to company content. Encourage your employees to create their own content rather than asking them to create company content. They would fear to take the risk but you need to take up the leadership skills or ask other leaders to encourage them.

Ask your company’s leaders to explain the employee-generated content and the way it can help your business. Also, check their views on what they would like to see from employees in the future.

If you want your audience to share the post with your team, use the below strategy:

As mentioned above create a Google document with links to the recent posts of your company’s LinkedIn page along with the brand-new copy based on categories (marketing, sales, human resources, etc. Ensure all the posts includes the LinkedIn handle of your company and then share it with your company.

Your goal should be clear before asking your team to engage with your branded content online.

First, understand that your goal isn’t to gain website traffic. It is actually to attract new people to your company page for exploring and engaging. Also, you want them to share your already published content on LinkedIn along with brand-new content.

In your LinkedIn strategy, website traffic is an important point. However, you aren’t going to use your employee-generated content for gaining massive traffic. Your employees won’t have many friends and family connected on LinkedIn so keep calm even if the content isn’t going viral after they share it.

You are just creating brand awareness among LinkedIn users. If you want conversions, your audience first needs to know that you exist. Don’t force them for buying your products immediately after they find you.

People first need to understand the brand, check its products and benefits, and then they will start buying. When a customer finds your brand through their friend, family, or colleague, they have already established trust in your brand. This will help you get leads faster and enable people to take their time to understand your brand, even if they don’t need your services or products. You too might have referred someone to a brand without even buying their products. Why? Because it fits someone’s needs.

So, make your brand such that people refer it to their loved ones by simply seeing it online. This is possible by using employee-generated content.

B2B businesses can make great use of LinkedIn which is an engagement goldmine. Rather than forcing other people to see your content on other platforms, posting it on LinkedIn where business-minded people exist is better.

People are on LinkedIn to find business and do business and hence, it is the best platform to display what you can offer their business.