Is It the Right Time to Refresh Your Website?

As we all know the first impression is the last one and that’s what is true for a website too. When a visitor visits your website for the first time and keeps on visiting frequently, it means that he is impressed with your website. You take so much effort to create your website. So, it is important that your efforts aren’t wasted and give you fruits. For this, you need to refresh your website when the right time comes.

This is because if you don’t refresh it, there won’t be visitors coming to your website and no conversions happening. This is again the job of a digital marketing agency or maybe if you have a website developer, he will help you.


Should Renovate or Start from Scratch?

A digital marketing agency is responsible for analyzing the traffic coming to the website and repairing the things is a hurdles for conversions. Though these things sound simple and easy doing them practically is hard. No matter whether your website is new or old, people will be always ready to make a purchase if they like your products and services.

Google Analytics is the best tool to identify your highest-converting customers. You can check your customers’ demographic, interests, age, etc. Using this data, you can make changes to your website wherein you can allow visitors to view the website in their color choice and language too.

As per a standard rule, a website should load within 7 seconds. On the home page of the company itself, visitors should know what is your business about and what you sell along with a call-to-action button.

It is widely predicted that online sales get boosted due to customer referrals. However, it is found that 92% of online sales are done via search. If your sale is done on this basis, then it means your website and content are competitive. In case your website and content aren’t competitive, there won’t be anyone knocking on your door even if visitors might have seen your website.

You can either renovate your website or build it from scratch. But one thing is for sure your website should be easy to navigate for your visitors.

Speed Matters the Most

Does your website load slowly? Ohhh…then Google will drop your ranking in the search results. Hence, you should ensure that your website loads faster and responds instantly.

If your website is attractive and loads faster, it’s just one side of the story. You should be able to track visitors, gain leads and encourage visitors to subscribe and fill out the forms or may be reacting to the call to action button.

When a prospect visits for the first time, you know the pages they visited and how many times. You also get an idea if they have checked your pricing page, the social media platform they came from, or Google search or emails. This information is important for a salesperson.

You can also get all this information from the contact form. If your website receives more traffic and conversions increase by 0.1%, it can deliver excellent results.

Data will Offer Information on What and not Why

With data, you can learn about what is happening but not why it happened. This is the time when you need to do user testing with small groups may be three to five. It will provide you with the direction in which you should go.

When you test with small groups you will be able to capture a high number of issues. This will help you to fix problems and start testing again.


Time Matters

Your web pages won’t change automatically when there is anything new happening in the world. So, you need to understand when or how frequently you should refresh your website. Is it once a year or after one-two year or three-five years?

If your website is helping people with their needs, there is no shelf life for it. But yes, it should improve in terms of functionality of meeting the demands.

The time needed to improve the functionalities will vary. It can take 2 months to develop, another month to code, and maybe a week or two for the final touch-up before the launch. Basically, a digital marketing agency can handle projects based on faster analysis and work breakdown in terms of weeks. For example, in the first week, they will learn about your website’s faults and requirements, in the second week, they will design, and so on. The digital marketing experts will have meetings with you to ensure that they are meeting your goals and if they are, there will be minimal change at the last moment.

Also, designing a website from scratch depends on the company’s size. Some of the companies may be big and so their website would be complicated to change. For such firms, it would be scary to renovate the website. Hence, they focus on enhancing their technology for attracting users by focusing on market automation and personalization.


Lastly, what is important is that you should refresh your website when things start taking a U-turn. Ensure that your website is easily navigable for visitors and meets customers’ requirements. If you find minor changes in your website traffic, there is surely something fishy in the website. So, refresh your website from time-to-time to keeping it always fresh for your visitors.